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To find out how much you're eligible to contribute in 2015, look for your tax filing status in the sub-headings below: If you're married and filing a joint tax return, you can contribute a maximum of: If your earned income is somewhere between 3,001 and 3,000, your 2015 Roth IRA contribution limit phases out.

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Russian women just want to have a good family while their chance for love in Russia is pretty grim: Russian women outnumber their men.

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~If I use these services in violation of this agreement, I understand I may be in violation of local and federal laws and am solely responsible for my actions.

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Two missionaries were transferred to China, but it was not until 1861 that they were able to baptise the first convert.

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'If we were to assume that we're not hirable because we didn't get the first job we applied for, we'd never apply for a job again.'When rejection occurs, think of all the other people who might want to get to know you, Bruneau recommended instead.