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He looked around to see who was in the gym: two dozen journalists and some prison officials.

Like his media-savvy brethren in the Islamic State militant group (ISIS), the 37-year-old Norwegian extremist, who wants to establish a party called the Nordic State, has long known that he needs to shock to get the world’s attention.The general gist: Europe is being invaded by Muslims, and governments are doing nothing to stop this catastrophe; our elites are traitors who deceive us; if we don’t react now, Europe will end up as an Islamic caliphate.Breivik tried to make contact with right-wing ideologues online, but he struggled to find a sympathetic audience, so he started buying weapons and ammunition and rented a farm so he could buy hundreds of kilograms of fertilizer and other ingredients for a bomb.This appearance in court in mid-March was not an appeal against his conviction; Breivik was suing the Norwegian state, claiming it was violating his human rights by holding him in isolation and preventing him from freely communicating with the outside world.The Norwegian authorities argue that he remains a threat and that solitary confinement is necessary to prevent him from inspiring or directing right-wing extremists eager to commit their own atrocities.

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Breivik is escorted by prison guards as he enters the court room in Skien prison in Skien, Norway, March 15.

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