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HIGH BRIDGE — A teacher who said he received all positive feedback from district administrators says he was fired after enlisting in active duty in the Army.Kevin Jones began teaching at the Hunterdon County district’s middle school in 2013 and was let go before he was awarded tenure. State law grants tenure to public school educators after their fourth year on the job.Health Insurance Retired soldiers and their family are still entitled to TRICARE benefits including dental insurance.If the soldier chooses TRICARE standard, there is no monthly or annual premiums but you are subject to co-pays and deductibles.

“We not only acknowledge this error, but, more importantly, are taking corrective action to ensure we fully share information with appropriate law enforcement agencies,” spokesman Michael Brady said.

When military branches don’t submit criminal convictions to the FBI, it impacts more than just gun purchases. While it showed up in the database used by gun dealers, it didn’t show up in the one used by licensing agencies.

The Army failed to submit Mc Queen’s criminal record to the FBI database used for background checks.

This is the average of the three highest base pay rates received.

While on TDRL, a soldier must receive a minimum of 50% of the high 3 regardless of the disability rating.

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The letter says that starting in February, Jones’ “effort significantly diminished and you presented a ‘checked-out’ attitude.” Some examples Hobaugh cites in the letter include issues with lesson plans, following school rules for security, and “parents reporting that work was turned in and lost by the teacher.” Hobaugh also claims in the letter that Jones had not met with his temporary replacement, or left lesson plans or directions for his classes.

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