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Thanks were acknowledged in print to: Mrs Nancy Carline, Miss Gwyn Cowing, Miss D. says: 1984 to 1987 Principal Lecturer, Faculty of Art and Design, Middlesex Polytechnic 1985 to 1987 Founder and Head, National Centre for Computer Aided Art and Design 1986 to 1987 Founder and Head, Centre for Advanced Studies in Computer Aided Art and Design 1984 or 1985 Middlesex became the "National Centre for Computer Aided Art and Design" under Paul Brown.Freeman, Mrs at some time, and the Hornsey archives contain "memorabilia collected by Sheila Mac Ewan relating to her teaching work at the School, [1913-1957], notably printed books by Mac Ewan and others relating to crafts, programmes, press cuttings and photographs of students, staff and teaching methods". Mac Ewan and lived at 8 Chatham Close, NW11, Hendon in 1951. Later became: Lansdown Centre for Electronic Arts Middlesex University Cat Hill, Barnet Hertfordshire, EN Middlesex set up the UK's first MSc [MA ?? 1987/1988 Handbook Diary: Dean of Art and Design: .Head of School of Communication Design: Clive Ashwin.Course Leader MA Computing in Design: Paul Brown [All at Cat Hill] 19.5.2011 Party at Cat Hill for staff and students to say goodbye to the Campus. Hale 30 Governess Elizabeth Walsh 24 Governess Sarah Stourton 22 Governess Alice M. Beavan 20 Governess Servants Kate Edwards 23 Emma Fincham 16 Annie Watkins 18 Elizh.The embroidery was done by members of the Ladies' Work Society (31 Sloane Street, London, SW) - "Ladies who are compelled by circumstances to employ their time remuneratively". Her mother (Alice) died aged 52 in the summer of 1902. In 1911, Edith (aged 33) is described as "Art Mistress. The only child of Mary Ann and Frederick John Davenport.

Viner encouraged Vince to develop 'Rough' and 'Sketch' features for PICASO, which "transformed clinical computer generated plottings into believable hand-drawn lines".

Classes in Mathematics, Machine Construction, Geometery and Elementary Science were to be taken by "At the Ponders End Technical Institute will, be special classes, for instruction in electric lighting and power transmission, a subject which lias increased importance now that electric mains have been laid throughout the district.", with teaching studios and an adjacent headmaster's house at Crouch End Hill, north London.

The Hornsey School was a mixture of private and public.

The slogan Freedom to Create was, in part, a protest against the proposal to chain the Hornsey artists to the engineers of Cat Hill phase one opened for textiles and fashion and three-dimensional design.

Three-dimensional design moved from the original college at Crouch End and textiles/fashion from its separate site nearby in began teaching at Cat Hill after it became part of the Polytechnic.

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