Lena headey and piper perabo speculation

The professor approaches the board, chalk in hand, and says, “Let’s make a list of women that you think are lesbians or that you know are lesbians from history or present time.” Replies are slow at first. Someone else suggests Sappho, the Greek poet born in Lesbos; Hannah Höch, a German collage artist; Lily Tomlin, the actress and comedian.

When movies began to take off in the 1920s, there was widespread concern about the moral messages they might spread.

Lesbian lives and lesbian relationships barely exist on paper, and it’s with that in mind and understanding the meaning and the power of history that we begin to want to change history.” , a movie released in 1994 about Max, a young lesbian whose friends set her up with Ely, who isn’t her usual type.

Although their relationship has a bumpy start, the two women eventually fall in love and find the happily-ever-after ending characteristic of romantic comedies.

But this opening scene makes a larger point that Max emphasizes by writing in her journal: In the cultural historical record, lesbianism is largely glossed over, and when it does appear, as in the case of Sappho or Hannah Höch, it’s shadowy and undefined.

, which cost roughly ,000 to make (adjusted for inflation, that’s about ,000 today).

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