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If I’m a 5’4” man, I know that it’s going to be hard to get a date if I tell the truth.

If I’m a 50-year-old man who makes less than ,000/year, I’m going to be somewhat handicapped.

Are you wondering the answers to any of these questions?

I have been online dating for about two months and it’s been so-so thus far. I’m 5’3″ and an hourglass-ish size 10, so while I’m not obese, I’m definitely not “athletic and toned.” I chose pictures that I think accurately show this.

We’ll explore ways you can be authentically happy, even in circumstances you may not have chosen.At the very least, heavier women (like shorter men) feel that if they can convince someone to go out with them, they’d have a chance in person….Except this isn’t true either, because most people feel duped by the disconnect between your description and real life stature. It is misleading and can only serve as a tool that makes you feel rejected.You’ll learn how a man approaches online dating and views profiles different from a woman. I cover the do’s and the not-so-obvious don’ts in online profiles and photos. We’ll talk about how to spot the keepers vs the rebounds before you’re in too deep. I’m anti-rules (there’s no one size- fits all model) but I will help you think through what makes the most sense for you when it comes to dating.

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From here, you’ll be able to construct your own stand-out profile that’s authentic and compelling. We’ll talk about avoiding those tornadoes of self-doubt and worry, the anxiety waiting for the next move, and how to be comfortable and confident with the pace of a healthy relationship.

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