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Google Book Search helps readers discover the world's books while helping authors and publishers reach new audiences. » 'y^ •-7*' i ;.*^- * •n»-«L ^ % ' ^* WHITNEY LIBRARY. Digitized by Google Digitized by Google MEMOIRS or THB GEOLOGICAL SURVEY OF INDIA. But I suppose all allowance must be made for the alarm arising from his being on the verge of destruction. Mc William^ the Assistant Commissioner of Cachar, on the mom-* ing after the shocks reported to the Commissioner of the division thus :— • ^' In the absence of the Deputy Conmiissioner, I regret to report that Silchar was visited yesterday afternoon at 4 o'clock by a very severe shock of earthquake, which lasted for at least a minute; considerable damage has been done to property ; but, as yet, I have heard of only two cases of death. 15 rur); which flows to the soutibk of Jakham^ are yertica UBided gorges of aqueous erosion without the least ngns of glaeial action. But though I have^ as I believe^ shown the nou-morrainal nature ol these deposits^ it is equally certain that they Cause of origin.You can search through the full text of this book on the web at |http : //books . Some idea of the force of the shock may be gained from the fact that the new pucka Church tower has fallen, and the walls of the jail compound are level with the ground. The bank of the Bai*ak adjoining the bazaar has given way, and sunk about 15 feet over an area of from three to four hundred yards long by two hundred broad, doing more or less damage to all buildings upon it. — The same earthquake, just noticed at Ceylon, was felt at Madras, where it lasted only a few seconds; also at the Nilghiri hills, Nagercoil, south Travancore, &c. - i i • • • were not formed uudar existing circumstanoes for at present the slreams are everywhere cutting into them, nor will any mere alteration of the levels causing a cheek in the gradients of the valleys account for the texture of the older deposits which differs markedly from those at present being fori Be4 lower down in the same valleys; but were the temperature decreased so as to kill o R or largely diminish the amount of the forest on the slopes of Japvo, the rock would be disin- tegrated to a much greater extent than at present^ and^ if at the same time the rainfall increased, the greater rush of water carrying with it large quantities of detritus, would be able to carry with it the largest of the transported blocks now seen some miles from their original position; when this torrent debouched from its gorge into the more open valley below, the velocity being checked deposition would immediately commence, and gradually a long slope of boulders of every size mixed with gravel and sand begin to extend itself down the valley, its ultimate extent depending on the relative slopes of its surface and that of the valley, the former again depending on the relative proportions of water and debris forming the stream ; nor need the fact that the lai^er blocks as seen near the head of the valley are sub-angular stand in the way of this explanation, for the masses of hard sandstone, originally angular, and which had not been subjected to the weathering that has softened the blocks now found lying on the surface, would need to travel some little distance before they became thoroughly water- worn ; and it is a noticeable fact that as one travels down the slope of these deposits the larger boulders get more and more water- worn and at the same time smaller in size till few are left larger than what may be found at the present day washed down by existing streams. This increased cold which I postulate, may of course be considered ( 231 ) Digitized by Google 16 OLDHAM : GEOLOay OF ICANIPUE AND NAOA HILLS.

( 1 ) 3£cmoirs of the Geological Survey of India, Vol. During the succeeding hours a few trifling undulations were felt, but no distinct wave or shock. To the north of the Kasom escarpment there is a low gap over which the sandstones have been denuded, and the ci^st of the ridge is occupied by rocks of (probably) tsretaoeous age ; to the north of this gap rises the Eacfaaophnng, which is structurally on the continuation of the Eaeom ridge ; here the rocks were similar to those of the Ka Bomne of the beds, pomting to a prob*- ably contemporaneous origin for the amber dug in Upper Burma. Looking northwards from the Eachaophung the general ap^ -, , ^, ^ .

The bazaar itself and the jail compound are cut up in all directions by gaps, in some places eight inches or a foot wide, from many of which dark sand and warm water were forced up d,uring the night.'' The Friend of India, on the 80th January, published a letter from a correspondent which gives a fair account of the facts : — Previous to the 10th of January, there had been nothing remarkable in the weather, which, so far from being sultry, had been rather colder than usual. February 9th, — Cbtlok.— Felt at Kandy, Colombo, Rutnapura, Negumbo, 1-15 P. ; ap* peared to travel southwards, with a rumbling noise. as much evidence of a past glacial epoch as the actual existence of Glacial epoch v.

The air was rather hazy and wanting in clearness ; there had been no rain, either at Christmas, as is usual, nor in the first week of November, and October was' also deficient in quantity. — Several shocks felt generally over Bengal, Cal- 10 P. cutta, Jessore (three distinct shucks, loud noise) ; Berhami* pore (lasted 2 minutes, said to be north-north-west to south-south-east); Comillab (said to be east and west, people could not stand) ; Bhaugulpore, Gya (apparently from north).— i5«i., xiv, 408. — Commenced with arnshing noise like a whir U 6-30 P.1C wind ; walls of houses began to move from north to south ; became more violent; two shocks, second most sevei Ot whole lasting about 30 seconds.— .f^W., xv. M, &c., accompanied by subterranean noise like a cannonade. At Kotagherry (Nilghiri hills) there were two distinct shocks with an interval of about two minutes. in- glaciers, but this concurrence of increased cold and creased e evation.

Public domain books are our gateways to the past, representing a wealth of history, culture and knowledge that's often difficult to discover. Very shortly afterwards^ however, Mr., now Sir, Wi U liam Grey, then Lieutenant Governor of Bengal, asked me if I could make it possible to visit the principal places where the damage done was most sevei'C, and note what had occurred on the spot. I was unfortunate enough to arrive at Silchar just as the military expedition against the tribes to the south, who had committed various depredations in British territory, about to stai-t, and every one in the place was fully occupied with the numerous and varied preparations necessary for such an attack. Edgar, the Deputy Commissioner, very kindly came round part of the station with me, and pointed out several places where the injury done had been serious ; but it would have been most unreasonable to have expected that he could do more than this, in the midst of such pressing occupations. One of these is traversed by the road to Kohima between Pherima and the Diphupani gorge; here there is exposed, in the deeper sections, a thick- ness of over 200 feet of sand and shingle of various degrees of coarse- ness forming terraces through which the streams have cut their present channels.

Marks, notations and other marginalia present in the original volume will appear in this file - a reminder of this book's long journey from the publisher to a library and finally to you. I remained a few days at Silchar busily occupied in measuring and noting what was observable there. These seem to be river deposits caused by a check in the gra- dient due to the elevation of the Samaguting ridge, deposition ceasing afterwards as the river cut down its bed in the Diphupani gorge. In the valleys draining from the high peaks round Japvo, there Hiffb level depouti of *^ ^^^ ^^S^ ^®^®^ ^^®' deposits which, from their the Naga hills.

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