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Secondly, to build strategic trust, we ourselves need to abide by international law, to uphold the responsibilities of nations, especially of major powers, and work to improve the efficiency of multilateral security cooperation mechanisms.In global history, many nations have suffered from irreparable losses when they fell victim to power politics, conflict and wars.In front of Independence Palace -- whose gates northern tanks clattered through in one of the iconic moments of the 1975 victory -- Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung struck out at the US attempt to contain the spread of communism in Southeast Asia through war in Vietnam.The physical affects of conflict still linger, including through deformities that Vietnam says are caused by the dioxin Agent Orange, sprayed by the US air force to pare back the thick jungle used as cover by the northern guerrilla forces."On the battlefield we were devoted to our country.Trust must be treasured and nurtured constantly by concrete, consistent actions in accordance with the common norms and with a sincere attitude.In the 20 century, Southeast Asia in particular and the Asia-Pacific in general were fierce battlefields and deeply divided for decades.

Somewhere in the region, there have emerged preferences for unilateral might, groundless claims, and actions that run counter to international law and stem from imposition and power politics.

We all understand that if this region falls into instability and especially, armed conflicts, there will be neither winners nor losers. Suffice it to say, therefore, that working together to build and reinforce strategic trust for peace, cooperation and prosperity in the region is in the shared interest of us all.

For Vietnam, strategic trust is perceived, above all, as honesty and sincerity.

In other words, we need to build strategic trust for peace, cooperation and prosperity in the Asia-Pacific.

That is what I wish to share with you at this forum.

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A single irresponsible action or instigation of conflict could well lead to the interruption of these huge trade flows, with unforeseeable consequences not only to regional economies but also to the entire world.

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