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Here are descriptions of the four tray components shown in Figure 1-11: Data Components, Data Connectors, and Data Navigators are new ADO. NET 1.x's form-based Data Connections and Data Adapters. Copy and paste the Generated Detail View folder, and rename the new folder Orders Detail View. Optionally, alter the form's Text property to reflect the design change. The Orders Binding Source's Data Source property value is Customers Binding Source and the Data Member property value is FK_Orders_Customers, which is the foreign-key relationship on the Customer ID field between the Customers and Orders tables.VS 2005 data sources automatically create Data Set Relationships between tables, which previously required manual intervention. To verify the properties of FK_Orders _Customers, open Northwind Data in the Data Set Designer, right-click the relation line between the Orders and Customers tables, and choose Edit Relation to open the Relation dialog (see Figure 1-17).The code also provides direct access to named classes, methods, and events for the Data Set and its Table Adapter(s) -- Customers Table Adapter for this example -- in the Northwind Data Set. Figure 1-10 shows Internet Explorer displaying the first few lines of the 352-line schema . Customers) End Sub Figure 1-12 shows the final form after reducing the form's size, expanding the Data Grid View control to fill the available space, and pressing F5 to build, debug, and run the project. However, a Data Navigator is much more useful for a details form that displays column values in text boxes or other bound controls, such as date pickers for Date Time and checkboxes for Boolean values.If you've worked with typed Data Sets in VS 2003, you'll notice that the schema for ADO 2.0 Data Sets is much more verbose than the ADO 1.x version, which has only 30 lines that define the Customers Data Set. NET 2.0 prefixes the design-time schema with 258 lines of information, which provide a full definition of the Data Set and its connection string, commands and their parameters, and column mapping data. Write Xml Schema methods to persist Data Sets to local files shows that the Customers Data Set schema, which differs greatly from the design-time version, is 9.31KB and the XML data document is 37.3KB. Figure 1-12 The Customers Data Grid View is bound to the Northwind Customers table, and editing is enabled by default. The Data Sources window makes it easy to change a Data Grid View to a details form.The part of the schema that defines the elements for the table fields grows from 30 to 94 lines because element definitions now contain max Length attribute values and use restriction Base attributes to specify XSD data types. The section "Create a Complete Data Entry Form in One Step," later in this chapter, includes code to save the schema for the Northwind Customers Data Set. Changes you make to the Data Grid View don't propagate to the table until you click the Save Data button. Delete the Data Grid View control, display the Data Sources window, open the dropdown list for the Data Table, and select Details, as shown in Figure 1-13.You can't open the saved schema in the project's Schema Designer. To make editing easier, you can automate increasing the column widths to match the content by setting the Data Grid View's Auto Size Columns Mode property value to All Cells or Displayed Cells, which adds a horizontal scrollbar to the control. Figure 1-13 Drag the Data Table icon to the form to automatically add a column of labels with associated data-bound Controls -- text boxes for this example -- to the form.

During the early part of VS 2005's long gestation period, these design-time objects collectively were called Data Components, Binding Source was called a Data Connector, and Binding Navigator was Data Navigator.VB 2005 uses the Public Partial Class class Name statement to identify a partial class file. Auto) The real-world scenario for persisting and reloading Data Sets is more complex than that shown here.You must choose Project➪Show All Files to see Northwind Data Set. Later chapters describe how to save and reload pending Data Set changes that haven't been committed to the base tables. Auto argument is the default, so including it is optional.Expand the Tables node and mark the Customers table.Accept Northwind Data Set as the Data Set Name, as shown in Figure 1-7.

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