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One important change worth to mention is that we changed our name from Robomongo to Robo 3T because of trademark reasons (more details about this topic can be seen in section Renaming from Robomongo to Robo 3T).

Since the latest version of Mongo DB version 3.4 released, we were very eager to support this new Mongo DB version as soon as possible.

(More about this topic can be seen in section 2 in this blog) Some major evolution in capabilities and enhancements in Mongo DB 3.4 are "native graph computation, faceted navigation, rich real-time analytics, geo-distributed Mongo DB zones, elastic clustering".

Finally, some words about "Free Mongo DB 3.4 Cluster by Mongo Atlas".

Details of workaround solution: https://github.com/Studio3T/robomongo/issues/1106#issuecomment-230258348 As a part of Robo 3T stability improvements, a fix to prevent a crash at program start seen on on MACOS Sierra has been included in this release and has already fixed these two tickets seen below: #1369: Error on open (1.0.0 crashes on start) #1349: Robomongo crashes constantly mac OS Sierra As a part of transition to Mongo DB 3.4, we have also upgraded our Open SSL libraries to a newer version openssl-1.0.1u (2016-Sep-22).

Beside being a security improvement, this upgrade also makes sure that Robo 3T is consistent with latest Mongo DB 3.4 which also uses the same Open SSL version (1.0.1u) and can be seen in Mongo DB 3.4 server logs at start: This section is intended for developers who might be interested in contributing Robo 3T open source project.

Let's see some of the ECMAScript 2015 features with examples: Arrow functions are a great addition to the Java Script language. The list of ECMAScript 2015 features goes very long, a good source for all list is Exploring ES6 book by Dr Axel Rauschmayer - 2015.With transition to Mongo DB 3.4, we updated our tool chain to modern tools, unfortunately some of the required packages were not available for Cent OS (e.g.they were available for Ubuntu), and this caused Robo 3T not to work on Cent OS 6 and 7.Some of the new C 14 and C 11 features we are using and updating our code with can be seen here: Robomongo C 11/14 Transition Guide Sources: Build Mongodb From Source Why are we changing the name?Short answer, we need to change the name of our product, purely because of trademark reasons.

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So, it has been talking to companies whose tools use the words Mongo or Mongo DB in their names, about changing what they are called.

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