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They claimed Knox was driven to rage by jealousy towards her British flatmate.But it seemed far-fetched to claim that such relatively minor differences would lead Knox to kill. None of Knox’s DNA was found in the bedroom in which Miss Kercher was stabbed to death.She claimed she spent the evening with him, smoking marijuana, watching the French film Amelie and making love.But Sollecito told police he could not remember if Knox was with him that evening or not.The prosecution said the fact that Knox falsely accused Lumumba of being the killer was a sign of her own guilt and an attempt to throw them off her trail.He was arrested in a dawn raid by armed police and spent two weeks in jail.

Prosecutors said tensions between Knox and Miss Kercher had reached boiling point over disagreements about housework, hygiene and boyfriends.

It was only by chance that a Swiss businessman read about the case and came forward to say he had been talking to Lumumba in his bar on the night of the murder — offering him a rock-solid alibi.

Lumumba says Knox nearly ruined his life and is suing her for defamation. Sollecito could not back up Knox’s alibi on the night of the murder.

The trial judge said that two knives must have been used; the second has never been found. The defence said that when Knox "confessed" to being in the house on the night of the murder and could remember hearing Miss Kercher scream, she was traumatised and acting under extreme psychological pressure after an all night interrogation by police.

Knox told the trial that during the questioning she had been cuffed around the head by an officer and told that if she did not start cooperating she would face decades in jail.

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